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A good diamond is colorless and graded D, E, or F. Near-colorless diamonds are graded G, H, I, or J. When there is a faint yellowness to the diamond, the grading decreases to K, L, or M. As yellowness increases, price decreases. When you get down to fancy colored diamonds, the price increases again due to rarity.

Unlike most other purchases, an engagement ring is a lifelong commitment, therefore, a lot of attention needs to be paid to this purchase. Will gold or platinum look better on your wife's hand? Which do you think she will prefer? Only you can evaluate this criteria.

Pay the proper attention to your ring purchase

Get the grade that fits within your budget

The trick to purchasing a diamond that is lower in grade is to have it set in yellow gold. The yellow color of the diamond is disguised by the yellow gold color of the setting. White gold or platinum settings highlight the yellowness in lower grade diamonds. Colorless diamonds, however, can be set in platinum or white gold.

Choose a setting that accents your diamond

A diamond ring is an important pledge of love and commitment, and will result in the perfect engagement. Your diamond and the person wearing it are special. Your engagement ring can bring you years of enjoyment and sentimental memories, if you take the time to perfect your purchasing process.


With these basic guidelines in mind, you should be prepared to begin your diamond search. Stop in to for a pawn loan that will help fund your purchase!

Start off your diamond search on the right foot

Diamond rings

Exhibit smart diamond purchasing practices

Should you buy a diamond engagement ring in yellow gold, platinum, or white gold? Because your purchase will remain on your wife's finger for all of her life, this can be a difficult decision to make. Utilize the guidelines below for a successful purchase.


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