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"I brought some jewelry to and received a lower appraisal than I expected to get. So, I went to the pawnshops on 441 and received their appraisals, which were much less than I was offered at Then, I came back to and sold my jewelry to them. Since I don't have to search around when I need cash fast, I just always go to to sell my jewelry.


  - Samuel Wilson, contractor


I have been dealing with for a long time now, and I always receive honest and fair treatment from them. Once, when I lost my job, I really needed cash; so, I went to with some of my most valuable and sentimental jewelry. I asked them if they could hold it for me for a few months until I found another job. They agreed to help me out, and kept the jewelry for me for 6 months. After that, I never hesitate to go back for their business.


  - Paula Benstein, real estate agent


One time, I was walking by, and I decided to go inside - simply because I've never been inside a pawn shop before. When I walked in, I walked over to the jewelry, and one specific engagement ring caught my eye. I asked the owner how much he wanted for this ring, expecting a ridiculous price; but, what he told me was definitely worth the quality of this diamond ring. I purchased the ring without any hesitation; and, since then, I don't waste my time in expensive jewelry stores anymore.


  - Andrew Monk, teacher


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